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The 925 (pronounced The Nine To Five) is a six-piece rock-'n-roll/garage-rock band from Ghent that writes new music in the style of the 60s. 

The 925 consists of 6 gentlemen who make 60's inspired garage rock'n roll as if it were their own. They are the reckless love child of The Sonics with MC5 who was kidnapped as a baby by Paul Stanley of Kiss and spent his teenage years in Alice Cooper's garden shed.

They recorded their EP with Rodrigo Fuentealba (The Fuzztones, Fifty Foot Combo, Novastar) as producer and Jim Diamond (producer of The White Stripes, The Sonics, The Dirtbombs, among others) as mixer/mastering.

Jorik Van den Bosch (who left the band Mooneye in the early 2020s to start this band) and Tomas Van Hove (guitarist and producer) started writing music together. The band is further complemented by Bram Baele (vocals), Aaron Machtelinckx (drums) and Egon De Mil (bass). At the beginning of 2022, Luc Heyvaerts (previous member of Gorki) joined on keys, saxophone & harmonica. 

Meanwhile heard on: Radio Willy (The best songs in the world), Radio Pinguin (NL)


“With Fake Love, the 925 has a song that I would have liked to make myself! I am jealous and happy at the same time that this comes from Belgium! And they’re worth it live too!"
- Cedric Maes (guitarist with The Sore Losers and radio host at Radio Willy)

"When I heard the single I thought... amazing, if they play that live the roof will come off. Well, the 925 is even better live!”

- Bram Bostyn (manager of Het Zesde Metaal and Mooneye)

"Fake Love" doesn’t beat about the bush, it's just banging straight on. We are already looking forward to more of this!"
- Dansende Beren (Belgian music magazine)

"What a band, what an energy and what a sound!"

- Luminous Dash (Belgian music magazine)

"The gutter, in which we found this band, hasn't been made clean since the sixties."

- Da Music (Belgian music magazine)

"When you hear it for yourself you understand why it's an out-of-this-world sound that makes you put being a critic aside and just be a pure fan of the master class music you are hearing.”
- Honk Magazine (American music magazine)


Bookings: The Last Rebel Agency
Contact: Sven Vande Neste
Tel: +32 468 22 60 62

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